Media appearances

As a graphic designer I have had some media appearances but I want to talk here only about my art and craft-related appearances.

Fashion shows and events

I have sold my products at lolita events and anime cons. I’m especially proud of being in a fashion show! You can see my part of Hellocon’s fashion show on YouTube. Here are some of the events I have attended in recent years:

  • Hellocon (more than once), Finland
  • Tracon (more than once), Finland
  • Kikucon aka Kirsikankukkacon, Finland

Art exhibitions and galleries

I don’t care much if my work is in gallery exhibitions or not but I have had some collaboration and my own exhibitions in past.

  • Own art exhibition in Ikaalisten gallery, Finland
  • Collaborated art exhibition in Tampere’s library, Finland
  • Collaborated art exhibition in Turku’s library, Finland