About Chiringo

I’m Chiringo, a Finnish artist who likes to create art, fashion, and crafts. I have been drawing and crafting for as long as I can remember and it naturally evolved into a hobby business.

99% of all the creations sold here are handmade by me (in my home’s workroom). Sometimes if I’m really busy I may get other Finnish crafters to make part of them but that is very rare. Maybe more in the future, but for now, I like to make them myself. Designs are also created by me.

My real name is Anna Hämäläinen, but as long as I have been on the internet I liked to call myself Nanaya or Chiringo. The name Chiringo is combined from Japanese words chi = blood and ringo = an apple. I liked how kawaii but creepy it sounded. An apple represents art for me and blood is like paint in my veins. The combination of kawaii and creepy is in many ways base on my aesthetics.

My main job in life is being a graphic designer so creating advertisements, prints, and illustrations for my side business is based on those skills. Creating and selling my creations may be my side job but it’s still as important to me as being a graphic designer. Those two are so different and still have the same joy of creating!