Product maintenance tips

Who wouldn’t like to get handy tips on how to care for and repair your loved products? Here I will fill in all kinds of tips and tricks that I have learned in past years.


  • Vinegar is an all-house cleaner that is effective but also environment, child, and pet friendly. It removes stains and odors. And don’t be afraid of the vinegar’s odor it won’t last long. After the garment is dried it won’t have vinegar’s odor. If you want to be sure you can use vinegar for cleaning and then use normal detergent for the second round. You can put vinegar in a bucket with some water or just use it as a detergent with your washing machine.
  • In Victorian times ink stains were removed with milk. Just put the stained part of the clothing to milk. Wait a while and then rub a little bit while in milk and it should be clean again!


  • reijät
  • laukut
  • kengät
  • korut


  • taittelu
  • korut
  • bonnetit ja päähineet
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