Products & shipping

When the world is full of companies that don’t describe well their products’ material, I want to be as transparent as possible. So if you have questions about my materials, ask them! I also want to think about the ecological sides of my products, though it’s not possible to be 100% ecological in all ways like some greenwashers promote so.

Reused materials

When people usually talk about reused materials they mean that an item’s original form is ripped into little pieces and then used but there is also another way. When all extra steps cost ecologically (transferring, energy for machines, ripping manually/chemically, and molding to another form) it’s better to think if you can use the item in its original form somehow before making dramatic methods. What is the greatest place to find items that are in good condition but not wanted (after counting out your own house’s not wanted items)? It’s a thrift shop! Thrift shops are full of basic, plain, and not wanted items that can be turned into special items with some imagination power!

So why products aren’t cheaper if drift shop items are used? It’s easy to understand that when you think it first you would think it has less work to do than making an item from scratch. But actually, when drift shop items are involved it means you will most likely get extra steps in your process of making. The drift shop item has some kind of original form that you need to take into count how to use and modify it to your needs. It’s easier to use plain materials and work from the start than involving these extra steps. On top of that even if the base materials don’t cost much making them takes many hours more than what people in general think.

Other materials

My other materials aren’t usually as eco-friendly as I would like them to be. In general, I try to find materials like lace and buttons from Finnish shops so at least transferring is minimal and some of the money stays in Finland’s economy (but that doesn’t mean that they are made in good places or materials). If I can’t find wanted materials, the right style or it’s so expensive that nobody wouldn’t buy the resulted item because of the price, I’m forced to use other buying resources. Usually, my other materials came from Asia because it has got a lot of choices. I buy the materials through webshops like Ebay and Spoonflower etc. I’m always open to recommendations about material resourcing!

Tailor-made order items

Remember that whenever you choose to make tailor-made order you can choose what I make and the materials used! Just contact me and we can talk about the details. Special orders may include only vegan materials, the cheapest materials, only nature fiber items, or any other idea you have in your mind!

Packaging materials

Because packaging materials are one of the most polluting things I would like to lessen it’s effect. That’s why when ever possible I will use boxes and all other materials that I have got somehow other than buying as new one and can now reuse. Usually if I or my husband buys something and it has packaging materials that can be used later I will stash them and use later when sending out my products. So don’t be surprised if you receive box that has advertising of toy brand etc. because the inside is what matters. I have thought it doesn’t look so fancy when you won’t get custom made Chiringo boxes but I have chosen to be more nature friendly than fancy in way that may not even be cared of my customers. Maybe in future I will use manifactory recycled boxes that have my brand design in them but it’s not my main priority.

Of course, if you want to send the item as a gift or like to receive cute packaging I can gladly grant your wish!