Size chart

I don’t believe in one-sizes so I’m offering two options; you can buy from the size chart or order tailor-made sizes. The size chart is handy if you happen to be near those sizes and body types. If you want to order a tailor-made sized product you need to contact me through Look for more options for tailor-made products from

I sometimes release size charts for specific features like “Long back sizes”.

Down you can see different options for the bodice cut styles that you can order in your tailor-made dress if wanted.
Hugger style is a basic slim-fit style.
Comfy style doesn’t have curved sides but straight ones so if you have a little bit extra on your waist or you just are more straight on your torso lines eg. rectangle body type. If you have inward curved torso lines this will be a little bit loose for you.
Loose style is empire waisted cut that just hugs firmly on your bust. Best for round tummies or people who don’t like tight clothes.

Torso cut styles
Options for bodice cut styles.

Body types

I bet you have seen different body type charts and thought that those may be handy or just utterly rubbish. I agree with you on both cases. I have gathered here some body types that I think are the most usual ones and I try to specify how to know what your own body is.


Hourglass figures are curvy with proportionate hips and bust. Individuals with this body type have an upper body that is considered “balanced” with their leg length. Hourglass figures also have well-defined waists.

Appealing clothes for any body type

I have tried to group appealing clothes for any body type but this may or may not help you. Also even if I say something would or wouldn’t suit some body type you are welcomed to try and prove me wrong! 😀 I assume this will help most of you who aren’t sure what they should try. I’m also happy to get any photos that you have about your body shape and what clothes you think would or wouldn’t suit it most, what problems you have had with other brands’ sizes, your body sizes and if you want to just get me this information to help me to make better clothes for people (= only for my private eyes) or if you allow me to put your photo and info here as an example.


Slim fit dress for hourglass body
A slim-fit dress that shows bust, waist, and hip is best for the hourglass body type.

Use these recommendations if you want to embrace your hourglass shape.

  • Slim fits in general.
  • Slim fit at least in the waist area.
  • Can use slim fit in bust, waist, and hip area.
  • For lolita shape: wear dress/skirt line at your hip. The most upper line area is at your waist.
  • Belted waists.
  • Hugger cut style for the torso. Can rock comfy cut too but not as well as hugger style.
  • Don’t wear shapeless, baggy clothes or loose-cut styles.
  • Don’t wear empire waist styles.
  • Don’t wear oversized clothes.
  • Not too busy with ribbons and frills at the waist.